Friendly Workplace

FocalTech values its employees and considers them to be the most important assets of the Company by upholding the “people-oriented” concept. FocalTech is committed to creating a friendly and comfortable office environment, building a comprehensive human resource management system, a sound compensation and benefit system, and providing rich and diversified educational resources for the cultivation and development of talents, thereby enabling employees to continuously improve their strength and competitiveness. Additionally, FocalTech also attaches importance to employee rights and interests, labor-management relations, and establishing a good and transparent communication channel to listen to employees’ voices. In terms of workplace safety and employee health, the plant nurses and related staffs regularly organize educational training and health promotion activities to ensure a healthy and safe workplace environment for FocalTech employees. FocalTech will continue to fulfill its commitment to a happy workplace and create a better work life for its employees. By providing a good working environment, FocalTech will enable the Company’s talents to cooperate and grow together, innovate and develop products, and bring their personal value into play, thereby achieving the goal of sustainable management.



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