FocalTech attaches great importance to innovative R&D. With the core value of being a leading human-machine interface solution provider, FocalTech continues to accumulate technology and intellectual property resources to establish advantages of differentiated products and competitive technology thresholds to maintain its leading position in industrial technology, and fulfill its commitment to sustainable operations. Therefore, FocalTech’s investment in innovation R&D is the key engine in driving revenue growth. Apart from that, in order to cultivate more excellent R&D talents to join FocalTech, it also cooperates with a number of universities in Taiwan and mainland China to jointly research and develop specific technologies or implement talent cultivation programs; works with universities in mainland China to train interns, offers scholarships and sponsors various activities on campus; recruits R&D alternative civilian servicemen, and proposes plans to apply to join the Defense Industry Reserve Duty System (DIRDS); and develop an intellectual property management system to encourage innovation, with an aim of nurturing talents in multiple ways. Furthermore, FocalTech has built a good corporate culture and values, which has become its irreplaceable soft power. In the future, FocalTech will continue to uphold the spirit of pursuing excellence and innovative R&D, and to expand into other product areas while upholding the business philosophy of“ Being proactive; United and cooperative; Prioritizing the interests of the Company; Solving problems; and Achieving win-win situations,” with the goal of creating the greatest benefits for shareholders, employees and customers.

Key achievements in 2021

Product line

Technical achievements

Touch and Display Driver Integration (IDC/TDDI/AMOLED)

  • Successful mass production of cellphone Tablet High Frame Rate ICs.
  • Successful development of ultra-narrow bezel COG ICs for A-Si HD on cellphones and sent for sampling.
  • Successful development of IDC ICs for active stylus pens used on tablets and sent for sampling.

Display Driver ICs (LTPS LCD / α-Si LCD/AMOLED)

  • FT2308 ESD 3.6KV met the industry standard of 3KV, which took the lead in the industry
  • The power consumption of FT2308 is 3.2mW (AOD), with an optimization of energy saving and to be aligned with the first-class level in the industry.

Touch controller ICs (Self-capacitance / Mutual capacitance / AMOLED)

  • Overcame the technical bottleneck of display interference and computing speed to successfully mass-produce touch controller ICs for 360Hz multi-touch technology used on high-end AMOLED gaming phones, through which the Company has become the world’s largest supplier of rigid AMOLED touch controller ICs.
  • Overcame the technical bottleneck of display interference and heavy load to successfully mass-produce flexible AMOLED cellphone touch controller ICs.

Fingerprint readers (Capacitive/Optical)

The optical in-display ICs integrating optical components and algorithms marked a technological breakthrough and went into mass production.





The Touch and Display Driver Integration (TDDI) has been successfully adopted by tier one companies in the projects of Lamborghini, Maserati, VOLVO, TOYOTA, NISSAN, HYUNDAI, SAIC, GEELY, BYD, DONGFENG, GREAT WALL, CHANG’AN and other well-known domestic and overseas automotive companies. The Company has undertaken more than 100 projects up to the present and has developed a variety of smart cockpit display solutions for customers to choose from, such as central control, dash, rear view, and multimedia for entertainment. Currently, there are more than 100 automotive projects and the accumulated shipment has exceeded 5 million units.







Touch and Display Driver Integration - Flexible LTPO AMOLED

Touch and Display Driver Integration - Flexible LTPO AMOLED

In November 2021, FocalTech launched a new AMOLED wearable IDC, the model FT2389.

The launch of the FT2389 immediately captured the interest of major panel manufacturers and end-users. Within six months, it quickly passed the certifications of panel manufacturers and end-users, and was mass produced in April 2022.


AMOLED screen technology provides the means for meeting the demand for a higher screen-to-body ratio. Compared to large-screen driver ICs used in devices such as TVs, driver ICs used in smart watches, smart bracelets and other smart wearable devices are more concerned about power consumption and the number and volume of peripheral components. The FT2389 provides features such as ultra-low power consumption, strong anti-ESD capability, and fewer peripheral components. Furthermore, it integrates driver display and touch functions to lower the number of FPC used to one piece compared to a two-IC solution, which not only lessens the number of FPC layers and shrinks the machine size, but also reduces costs.