Nurture Professional Talents

FocalTech has spared no effort in the cultivation and development of talents, and is committed to providing an open and diversified learning environment for employees. A comprehensive training system for new employees and existing employees is planned to continuously enhance their professional capability and maximize their satisfaction. Additionally, employees get to continuously challenge themselves to grow upward by attending internal/external training, obtaining professional guidance from executives/colleagues, or proactively borrowing company books to stimulate their minds every month. The training framework is designed to meet the core values and strategic development needs of the Company, which is divided into training for senior management, middle-level management, junior management and general employees. Furthermore, the training blueprint is designed according to the characteristics of each unit to provide complete training programs targeting professional competencies and management capability. The training of different capabilities not only shortens the time needed for new employees to get familiarized with the work content and become integrated into the corporate culture, but it also enhances the cohesion among employees. Apart from that, it is also necessary for the Company’s senior employees to pass on practical experience to the next-generation of new employees. Also, FocalTech encourages senior employees to step out of their comfort zone and learn new skills to enhance their competitiveness, so that the experience can be passed on from generation to generation.



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