Sustainable Coexistence with Partners

The work of the semiconductor supply chain is finely divided. As a professional IC design company, FocalTech is responsible for the circuit design and layout of touch and display integrated/touch products. The completed IC designs are passed on and manufactured by a professional foundry, then sent to a professional packaging and testing plant for the final process of dicing, packaging and testing. The production process of IC products requires close cooperation with various suppliers, thus forming a dense supply chain link for semiconductor production. Suppliers cooperating with FocalTech are highly qualified in terms of quality and processing capability. Furthermore, they can effectively meet the Company’s quality requirements to manufacture and supply products that meet the expectations of FocalTech customers. In addition, their supply capacity and cooperation level also fulfil the Company’s expectations and development.



Supply chain management strategies

FocalTech is committed to the positive cycle of IC design and supply chain manufacturing, thus establishing a cooperative relationship with its suppliers to jointly produce high quality and high value products. Other than that, the Company also attaches great importance to CSR issues such as its acquisition of ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 certifications, and compliance with HSF green product requirements, as well as conflict minerals requirements. As a result, FocalTech has adopted four strategies, namely“ Supplier Evaluation,”“ New Product Adoption,”“ Regular Management” and “Continuous Improvement,” in order to execute the supply chain management procedures. By actively setting up feasible and specific methods, the Company requires suppliers to fulfill their social responsibility so as to continue to work towards sustainable development. In this regard, FocalTech’s suppliers agree and strive to move towards the goal of sustainable development. In 2021, there was no significant change in the supply chain in relation to the violation of relevant laws and regulations.



Supplier Management Flow



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