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  • Environment Management and OHSMS Policy

    FocalTech is a professional fabless IC design house. As a leading company in this field, ensuring the wellbeing of our employees and preventing occupational hazards has always been our top priority and main responsibility. To demonstrate our responsibility for environment and society, and to carry out the “Earth Vision” concept and company policy, we have established a environmental protection and OHSMS system and declared to:


    • Promise to comply with government’s and customer’s regulations.

    • Implement continual improvement to prevent the production of recurring pollution and to achieve zero occurrence of occupational hazard as set out by the OHSMS standard.

    • Continual improve to conform OHSMS performance depend on prevent pollution continually and to achieve the objective of zero occupational hazards.

    • Be responsible for promoting this awareness for all people working for FocalTech.

    • Establish a management system to verify and examine the effectiveness of the company management operation.

  • Conflict Minerals Policy

    FocalTech Systems Co., Ltd. understands the RMI conflict-free procurement plan driven by RBA and GeSI, and fully supports and cooperates with, and is committed to detailed investigation of the supply chain to ensure metals- gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), tin (Sn)- are not mined by anarcho-armed or illegal organization, or mined from mines in conflict zones in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or illegally smuggled.


    Based on corporate social responsibility, our company does not support the use of conflict minerals from illegal sources, and expects suppliers to fully use qualified smelters or require existing smelters to conduct relevant verification. If it is found that supplier products and raw materials contain conflict minerals from non-qualified sources, our company will take necessary actions and stop using the conflict minerals.


    FocalTech Systems Co., Ltd. hereby makes conflict minerals policy and abides by the following commitments:


    • Ensure that products do not use conflict minerals from Congo and surrounding countries and regions
    • Ensure suppliers to purchase from conflict-free mineral supply chains and qualified smelters, and use the RBA GeSI / RMI questionnaire to conduct source investigations of conflict minerals to implement conflict-free procurement plans and strategies, and then make the above information open and available to direct customers.
    • Require suppliers to transfer conflict mineral requirements to the upstream supply chain.
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 45001:2018