High Salary and Benefits

The importance that FocalTech attaches to talents is fully reflected in the workplace environment and various welfare systems provided. FocalTech upholds a people-oriented management philosophy, which is demonstrated through the foundation of integrity management in the workplace. In addition to high salary and benefits and the diversified and meaningful welfare programs planned, the Company also fully discusses and communicates with its employees through multiple channels to understand their needs and opinions in actual, with the aim to retain talents and realize sustainable development of the Company. With the intention to attract and retain outstanding talents, the FocalTech team rewards employees for their continuous performance. Furthermore, the Company measures the salary level and structure of other enterprises in the industry through the industry salary survey every year, and closely monitors the local economic development and price index for appropriate adjustments. Additionally, the percentage of fixed salary in its annual salary structure is strategically adjusted to attract and retain relevant talents by making it more competitive. The Company’s compensation and benefits are measured in accordance with local laws and regulations by maintaining a fair and objective attitude, without regard to gender, age, religion, race, marriage, or political orientation. All FocalTech employees are hired appropriately with the principle of“ right person in the right place” and are treated equally.



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