Happy Enterprise No Occupational Accident

FocalTech attaches great importance to workplace safety and has established Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health Policy. In addition, FocalTech is committed to meeting and complying with government and related regulatory requirements, making continuous improvements to prevent consecutive pollution incidents and achieving the goal of zero occupational accident, in order to meet the environmental safety and health performance set out by the Company. Furthermore, the Company regularly identifies the occupational safety and health risks of its employees, commissions a third-party verification organization to conduct on-site audits, and provides audit reports to its customers in a transparent manner. The Company’s plant in the Hsinchu Science Park established a management system and obtained the ISO 45001 certification through TUV NORD Taiwan in 2020. External audits are also carried out annually, benefiting 100% of employees and outsourced contract workers in Taiwan to review the effectiveness of the Company’s management system.



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