Environmental Policy

To ensure the effectiveness of environmental management, FocalTech introduces an environmental management system, sets environmental policies and guidelines, and reviews operational performance each year, with an aim to reduce its operational costs and environmental burdens. In addition, FocalTech also improves the environmental awareness and law-abiding behavior of its employees to realize the concept of sustainable management. Upholding the belief of“ placing the green environment on top of everything” and the spirit of“ protecting the health of employees”, FocalTech comprehensively considers the impact on the environment and safety in the production and operation of its products. With the idea of prevention and continuous improvement, FocalTech implements the following environmental policies and guidelines:


Environmental Policy:

  • Adopt new technologies:
    Employ environmentally friendly materials and adopt new production processes to reduce the environmental impact and the risks of hazards generated during the production process.
  • Implement hazard prevention:
    Regularly identify environmental factors and major hazards, thereby formulating management plans to monitor their implementation.
  • Comply with laws and regulations:
    Comply with national, local and industry related laws and regulations, and be a law-abiding enterprise.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement:
    Continuously improve the situation of environmental pollution and health hazards to enhance environmental and health and safety performance.
  • Implement environmental safety training:
    Implement environmental safety education and training and safety management to improve environmental protection and health and safety awareness.


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