ESG Highlights 

Upholding the principles of openness, transparency, and integrity management, the Report faithfully presents the operational performance and specific actions of FocalTech in the economic, social, and environmental aspects in 2021 by fully disclosing the five aspects of corporate governance, environmental sustainability, employee care, product service, and social participation. The Report is published with the aim of illuminating FocalTech’s efforts in fulling its commitment as well as the achievements in sustainable development for all stakeholders.



Received the“ Best
Financially Managed
Company” from the Global
Semiconductor Alliance (GSA)

Revenue increased 59%
from the previous year
and reached a record


Average salary of full-time
employees not holding
executive positions
increased 32.7% from the
previous period (Market
Observation Post System,

Key Suppliers Acquired ISO 14001 certification

ESG Report