Learning to meet a better self
FocalTech has been actively attracting external talents for a long time, and attaches great importance to the cultivation and development of internal talents. The purpose of the learning and development plan is closely linked to the company's core values, corporate culture and strategic development needs. At the same time, we also refer to personal learning and development interests to develop a perfect and differentiated training system. At the same time, we design relevant training development blueprints according to organizational needs, aiming at general concepts, professional capabilities, management skills, self-development and etc, so that employees can grow together with the company. Create a diverse and rich learning environment, so that you who are willing to make continuous progress with the company can meet better yourself.

Learning and Development System














Learning and Development Program

Provide perfect education and training and multiple learning channels

Cultivate the knowledge and skills required in the workplace







Career Development Ladder

Paying attention to and helping employees grow is our talent development philosophy. FocalTech has established a scientific and reasonable career development channel system suitable for the develoopment of employees, including technical ladder, management ladder, administrative ladder and sales ladder, so that every employee can find his own development direction in FocalTech. He can not only be promoted vertically in his major, but also develop horizontally across fields. There are internal industry experts to escort your development!




Carrer Development Events

Provid necessary prejob training to help new hires to quickly adapt to the new environment, and identify with our core value and company culture

Freshman training

Career Talk

FocalTech lecture hall