In order to encourage employees to innovate, protect R&D achievements, and continuously strengthen competitiveness, the Company has established the“ Intellectual Property Management Plan” that is integrated with its operational goals and drafted the Patent Application Management and Incentive Regulations. They were also established with the purposes of achieving technological leadership in important areas, providing quality products and services to customers around the world, and continuously pursuing industry leadership by adopting an attitude of sustainable development.

Patent management measures


  • The Chairman appoints relevant technical supervisors to form a Patent Review Committee. After the preliminary patent proposal review by the Patent Team, the committee reviews and decides whether to file a patent application or treat it as a trade secret. The committee also determines the type of patent and the geographical coverage, enhancing the quality of patent applications and aligning them more closely with the products.
  • The Intellectual Property unit maintains innovation and patent-related systems, including collecting innovative proposal data, conducting statistical analysis, managing patent applications, and overseeing patent deployment.
  • The company establishes an appropriate patent reward system to encourage colleagues to actively submit patent applications. Additionally, periodic educational training related to patent technology is conducted to enhance colleagues' awareness of professional skills and patent rights protection.