Integrity Management Based on the

In order to build a corporate culture of integrity management as well as to perfect its development to further realize the concept of sustainable management, FocalTech advocates and promotes behavioral integrity, and treats any kind of conduct that may constitute a violation of honesty, integrity and professional ethics in a strict manner by adhering to principles of justice and noncondonation. In addition, the Company regularly conducts education and training on integrity management. For new employees, internal and external laws and regulations related to professional ethics and integrity principles are incorporated in their pre-employment training course so as to reinforce the education and training in ethical management. Apart from that, the Company has also established the Code of Ethics for Honest Management and Practice in accordance with the Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles for TWSE/GTSM Listed Companies, which requires employees to act in compliance with ethical standards based on the corporate philosophy of integrity, transparency and accountability. FocalTech strictly requires managers and employees at all levels to refrain from offering, promising, requesting or accepting any improper benefits, directly or indirectly, or committing any other dishonest behaviors that violate integrity, laws or breach of fiduciary duties in the course of conducting business.

In order to implement the company’s core values, FocalTech requires its employees to strictly comply with its professional ethics and standards in the course of their daily business and work to avoid violating domestic and international laws and regulations that may prejudice the rights and interests of customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. The management team of FocalTech continues to closely monitor the formulation and development of any laws and regulations that may affect the Company and further establish relevant regulations and procedures, while planning education and training programs to strengthen employees’ awareness of current laws and regulations.


In 2022, FocalTech in accordance with the law and was not subject to any monetary penalties or other non-monetary penalties regarding the social, economic, or environmental aspects. The Company has always remained politically neutral and has never been involved in political contributions.