When was FocalTech founded?

2005 in the United States.



When was FocalTech listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange?

FocalTech was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange as an overseas company in November 2013, with stock code 5280. And was merged with a listed company Orise in January 2015, and the stock code was changed to 3545.



What is the fiscal year of FocalTech?

FocalTech’s fiscal year settlement date is December 31.



Where can financial information be found on FocalTech’s official website?

In the “Financial Info” column.



What is the current number of shares issued by FocalTech?

Information could be searched on website:



When does FocalTech releases its monthly sales information?

Before 10th on every month according to the regulations of public company.



What is FocalTech’s stock code?




How to contact FocalTech's stock agent?

China Trust Commercial Bank Agency Department

Address: No. 3, No. 83, No. 83, South Road, Taipei, Taipei

Phone: 02-23111838

Fax: 02-23116723




Where to find FocalTech’s stock price information?

You can check the real-time stock price on the Taiwan Stock Exchange's basic market condition report website




How to apply for E-notice of Corporate Action Events?

Three simple steps to apply:

Step 1. Link to CTBC website - "E-notice of Corporate Action Events", then click on "Proceed."

Step 2. Login and select "Open all E-notice of Corporate Action Events" and enter your email address.

Step 3. Click on the "Confirm" button after checking and verifying your information, then the application is completed.

For questions related to application of E-notice and transfer agency services, please call our customer service hotline: (02)6636-5566.