Pressure touch


  • FocalTech provide a high-performance force detection technology, Force Engine, to supports multi-point force-touch solutions.

  • It can support IDC (Integrate Display Controller) or out-cell mutual Cap. as 3 in 1 (integrate In-cell FHD LCD driver and force touch functions) or 2 in 1 (integrated force and touch functions) single chip controller to minimize power consumption and system complexity.

  • The output data will follow up Android 6.X specification with 256 force levels, so App layer can easily catch the force data from OS port. 




  • Supports both AMOLED and LCD structures.

  • Supports Super In-cell、On-cell and Out-cell touch panel structures.

  • Integrated FHD LCD driver, touch controller and force controller for Super In-cell structure as a 3 in 1 single chip solution without any extra sensor film.

  • Integrated touch controller and force controller for Out-cell LCD and On-cell AMOLED as a 2 in 1 single chip solution.