FocalTech Delivered Over 10 Million Automotive-Grade IDC Products




As the automotive industry embraces the advancements in smart technology and electrification, display screens, as a crucial component for seamless man-car interaction, become more functional and popular. FocalTech, a leading HMI chip maker, has gained recognition for its FT725X integrated driver controller (IDC/TDDI), offering a sleek black screen design that has captured the interest of major Tier 1 automotive companies. From 2021 to 2022, FocalTech has successfully collaborated on over a hundred automotive projects, supplying FT725X chips to renowned brands such as Maserati, Jaguar, Volvo, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, SAIC, Geely, BYD, Dongfeng, and Great Wall. With an impressive growth trajectory, FocalTech has delivered over 10 million FT725X chips by the end of Q4.

FocalTech’s Automotive-Grade IDC


FocalTech's IDC (TDDI): High Reliability, Durability and Anti-Jamming Capability
FocalTech's IDC (TDDI) offers outstanding reliability, durability, and anti-jamming capability, ensuring stable display and touch performance even in challenging conditions. Designed to meet the unique requirements of the automotive market, FocalTech has developed a range of integrated intelligent touch and display solutions. These solutions cover various automotive applications, including center control, instrumentation, rear view, entertainment, and multimedia, catering to the diverse needs of our customers.
The solutions include:

- Ultra HD resolution (Up to 4K/2K)
- A-Si (Single Gate, Dual Gate, Triple Gate), LTPS (Mux1:1, Mux1:2, Mux1:3, Mux1:4, Mux1:6), IGZO panels, up to 28"
- IC cascade
- external IC for LED Local Dimming, catering to the automotive’s high contrast and high image quality needs
- independent white point adjustment and 1 billion colors display
- 10-point touch with excellent touch performance


FocalTech's IDCs have achieved AEC-Q100 certification and are compliant with IATF16949 standards. With over 50 validated models, they have demonstrated a consistent track record of stability and reliability. FocalTech also excels in technical service, offering comprehensive engineering support through nationwide FAE teams. Their commitment to fast response times enables the company to meet customer needs promptly, providing a seamless one-stop solution from development to mass production.

FocalTech Continues to Level Up Product Competitivity

The automotive industry is experiencing a remarkable surge in the adoption of smart technology, leading to a significant increase in both the size and quantity of in-vehicle screens. Apart from the conventional center control and dashboard displays, additional screens are being incorporated for entertainment, control, and various other applications. As a result, there is a substantial rise in the demand for chip cascade and related chip components.

Furthermore, there is an ongoing enhancement of automotive screens to meet the increasingly stringent display performance requirements in the market. This has resulted in a significant rise in the adoption of LTPS displays within the automotive industry. With the current surplus in LTPS panel production capacity, factories are undergoing transformations, further augmenting the utilization of LTPS displays in the automotive market. Recognizing this trend, FocalTech offers automotive IDC products that support both LTPS and a-Si panels, aligning perfectly with market needs.



About FocalTech


FocalTech Group is the leader in human and machine interface technologies, providing solutions for sensing and display. FocalTech has strong capabilities in α-TFT, LTPS, and OLED display driver design, capacitive 2D/ 3D touch controller/algorithm, ITO sensing pattern, capacitive/optical fingerprint/physiological measurement algorithm. FocalTech offers TFT LCD / OLED driver IC, touch controller IC, force touch controller IC, integrated driver controller (IDC/TDDI), capacitive and optical fingerprint IC. For more information, please visit