Maserati’s New Model Wowed Car Fans with FocalTech Automotive-Grade IDCs


Maserati, the renowned luxury car brand, has further expanded its SUV product lineup with the introduction of the highly anticipated Grecale model. This remarkable vehicle sets a new standard for exceptional performance, innovation, and luxury. Today, we delve into the cutting-edge innovation of the Maserati Grecale's center display technology.

Maserati’s latest release, the Grecale, showcases a futuristic interior design. The cabin features a sleek electronic gearshift button, complemented by two angled central displays measuring 12.3 inches and 8.8 inches. Additionally, the Grecale offers an exciting option of a color-customizable head-up display (HUD) system, pushing the boundaries of digital minimalism.

Maserati Grecale’s digital center control display

The Maserati Grecale is equipped with two generously sized angled screens measuring 12.3 inches and 8.8 inches, with all features seamlessly integrated all features into their smooth surfaces, resulting in a minimalist center console design. Both screens are powered by FocalTech’s in-cell technology. FocalTech’s in-cell technology offers superior light transmission and prevents refraction issues commonly found in conventional OGS displays, presenting sleek black esthetics. The use of this cutting-edge technology not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the dual central control screens by giving them a translucent touch but also contributes to improved driving safety. With almost every function touch-enabled, the car's design is With almost every function touch-enabled, the car's design is centered on the driver ergonomically.


The customizable Maserati Intelligent Assistant (MIA), powered by Android Automotive OS, offers customizable features that cater to your every need with just a swipe on its sleek 12.3-inch display. On the Maserati Grecale, the innovation continues with an 8.8-inch comfort control touchscreen, allowing users to effortlessly manage settings for lights, seats, air conditioning, clock, and more through intuitive smart gestures so that they focus on driving.


With Maserati Connect, the integration of the large screen in the car with smartphones provides users with a seamless and intelligent digital experience. Whether inside or outside the Grecale, users can enjoy the convenience of having everything they need at their fingertips, enhancing their luxury driving experience.

Human-computer interaction technology is one of the key focuses of automotive intelligence, and it is also a focus that FocalTech has been committed to for more than a decade. FocalTech proudly introduced its cutting-edge integrated in-cell display and touch solutions (FT725X) in 2017 to meet the demands of multi-touch functionality, large-size display, high reliability, durability, and exceptional anti-jamming capabilities.

Over the years, FocalTech FT725X FocalTech FT725X has gained significant recognition from leading automotive companies, including Maserati, Jaguar, Volvo, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, SAIC, Geely, BYD, Dongfeng, Great Wall and Changan. With a track record of successfully completing over one hundred automotive projects, the company has developed a diverse range of intelligent cockpit display solutions. These solutions span across center control, instrumentation, rear view, entertainment, and multimedia. More than 50 projects have reached mass production, resulting in the delivery of over 5 million chips. FocalTech's cutting-edge technologies have elevated the human-computer interaction experience within the intelligent cockpit and offered a wide array of screen innovation choices for automotive customers.


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