Smart Elf #1 Released with FocalTech's In-cell Chips


Smart, the prestigious all-electric automotive technology brand, has officially unveiled its latest creation, the Smart Elf #1. Developed through a collaboration between Geely Automobile and Mercedes-Benz, this groundbreaking vehicle showcases cutting-edge design by Mercedes-Benz's global design team. Built on Geely's innovative Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA), the Smart Elf #1 has entered localized production in China.


Mercedes-Benz’s design team has brought a fresh design philosophy to Smart Elf #1, highlighting the concept of “Less is more” by removing a large number of physical buttons from the center console and integrating numerous functions into a sleek 12.8-inch 3D touchscreen. According to the official introduction, Smart Elf #1 has passed a series of rigorous aerodynamic and extreme winter tests and has demonstrated excellent overall quality, performance and reliability.


FocalTech's LCD chips, renowned for their exceptional reliability, durability, and anti-jamming capability, guarantee the Smart Elf #1's center console display and interaction remain stable even in the most challenging and intricate conditions.


FocalTech’s LCD chips incorporate its self-developed in-cell display and touch integration technology, revolutionizing the driving experience with a high-contrast display that enhances safety on the road. By effectively minimizing light transmission and refraction issues typically associated with traditional screens, the technology enables a sleek and translucent design, adding a touch of elegance to the black interior.


Over the years, FocalTech’s in-cell display and touch chips have gained favor among major automotive companies, including Lamborghini, Maserati, Volvo, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, SAIC, Geely, BYD, Dongfeng, Great Wall and Changan. With a portfolio of over one hundred projects, the company has developed a wide range of intelligent cockpit display solutions encompassing center control, instrumentation, rear view, entertainment and multimedia. To date, they have successfully delivered over 5 million chips for more than 50 automotive projects that have reached mass production.


Dr. Zhengda Hu, Chairman of FocalTech, shared his vision for the company's automotive product strategy, stating, “FocalTech will continue to collaborate with leading display panel manufacturers to introduce our cutting-edge in-cell chips to global Tier 1 automotive brands, ensuring consumers enjoy a seamless and luxurious smart cockpit experience. As the world embraces automotive electrification and smart technology, FocalTech is committed to investing in and advancing the development of IDC chips, delivering a wider range of superior, high-quality products for intelligent automotive cockpits."


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