FocalTech attaches great importance to innovative R&D. With the core value of being a leading human-machine interface solution provider, FocalTech continues to accumulate technology and intellectual property resources to establish advantages of differentiated products and competitive technology thresholds to maintain its leading position in industrial technology, and fulfill its commitment to sustainable operations. Therefore, FocalTech’s investment in innovation R&D is the key engine in driving revenue growth. Develop an intellectual property management system to encourage innovation, with an aim of nurturing talents in multiple ways. Furthermore, FocalTech has built a good corporate culture and values, which has become its irreplaceable soft power. In the future, FocalTech will continue to uphold the spirit of pursuing excellence and innovative R&D, and to expand into other product areas while upholding the business philosophy of“ Being proactive; United and cooperative; Prioritizing the interests of the Company; Solving problems; and Achieving win-win situations,” with the goal of creating the greatest benefits for shareholders, employees and customers.